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Sara provides marketing support for hotels, tourist destinations, restaurants of all sizes, and online retailers. With an eye for seeing things from a guest perspective and working with influencers to showcase a true experience that sells itself, Sara has a way of creating an online presence with text, graphics and photos that engage a client’s audience to want more.

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Uncommonmama is a personal perspective and outlet to express her own creativity and perspective on personal experiences, including raising a son with sometimes uncommon parenting practices, as well as finding adventure and seeking out travel.

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Sara grew up in New England in the hospitality business. From a very young age, she was plating meals from a step stool for a 200 guest wedding for the reward of a piece of wedding cake. Her family lived in a 19 room country inn and chores including checking in guests, cleaning guest bedrooms and putting out breakfast for the guests. After college, she worked at Walt Disney World and got a taste for working with one of the biggest hospitality companies in the world. She got the travel bug and began a career working in hospitality destinations including Mount Snow Ski Resort in Vermont and Aspen Ski Company in Colorado before she served in the U.S. Peace Corps in a remote village on the island of Samoa in the South Pacific. This is where she started her first blog.

Peace Corps Samoa with my Taga Savaii village family ice skating on a frozen pond in Wisconsin

When Sara left Samoa, she forged a successful career as a modern marketer coupling her internet marketing acumen, a University of Massachusetts Business Degree and the operations experience learned from her pre-Peace Corps hospitality management career. She was a keen early adopter of social and email marketing and had significant successes for clients, both for-profit and non-profit. Her event management prowess yielded many organizations best-ever results and set standards for future events. Sara delivers creativity and resourcefulness with a fresh, engaging and innovative approach to what would otherwise be common.

Sara is an outstanding organizer, and highly efficient and energetic multitasker who manages to simultaneously juggle a million projects without ever dropping the ball. Working with her on numerous projects has been a pleasure as she is a true professional who not only manages to deliver on complex tasks but does so with a smile!


In addition to maintaining social media and marketing campaigns for clients, Sara unplugs for family. Her interests include cooking, entertaining, yoga practice, and raising a son who loves to travel as much as she and her husband Ethan do.

Sara was a pleasure to work with as she was accessible, listened to the needs of the project and offered many creative ways of exceeding the expectations of the project.


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