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Stefie likes fishing but not when Mr. Fish swallows the hook.

Thanks mom for Taj’s fishing pole. A great gift, however you neglected to do one thing; take him fishing! He’s been talking about it non-stop since your visit and I haven’t the foggiest idea of how to fish. So, Steffie and I decided to take him to the stocked Plainfield Fishing Resort (and one of the most dated, DIY websites I’ve seen in a while, thanks for the chuckle). An interested onlooker advised us to trade in our nightcrawlers for the grub-like white worms instead and once we actually got through getting them on the hook, we were lucky enough to keep Taj’s attention for a dozen or so very small fish.

I dunno, I think someone that loves to fish should teach him because I don’t think I did the ‘sport’ justice. Sister Leah and Casey might have to help.

Look, I got one!



We started another project. Corn hole boards with an island twist and two silly ladies 🙂



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