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Ethan’s First Pig Roast

Ta-da! Pig on.

Ethan and I have been privy to many a pig roast in our day. Whether it was a Samoan style umu or a Puerto-Cruzan style spit roast, we’ve partaken in many an eating fest. We decided it was our turn. So, here is Ethan’s birthday party and our first attempt at pig roasting. Turned out pretty good. And for my one records, we injected this one with a bouillon/garlic/salt brine and then stuffed it with some cilantro-lime-garlic-herb stuff and basted it with coconut milk.


lechon in illinois

Almost cooked.


Little scientist playing with the pig eye

Taj was fascinated by the eye ball and was a little concerned when the stake went through his bum. However, we explained it was food and that this pig was raised to be food. He loved the crispy skin best.



Mojitos – labeled of course.


crucians in babylon

It’s always nice to get together with Crucian friends, we have a kinship that just defies islan’ shores.


waiting for the pig to roast

Roasting pig, chillaxin in the backyard.


carving up the pig

Looks like everyone wants a bite!





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