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Fit Journey in Paradise

fit journey in paradise - in search of the real beach body

I’ve wanted to post about my fit journey for a while now, but not sure what to say.

And then I saw this bucket while I was holding myself up for a V-sit looking at my sweaty legs and realized how proud I am of this journey.

I never thought I could or would, but it’s been a year now. It’s me alone at 5:30am in the cabin, sweating, screaming at my Beachbody On Demand workout instructor, and self-motivating myself to keep going.

I never thought I would be one to workout at home, but the time commitment is so much less when you don’t have to drive to the gym. It was an internal mind game to get motivated to start and then to continue. But I realized I needed a change. I was ok going to The Y, but it was so time consuming to get dressed, drive across town, find parking, get a ticket to the class I wanted – so I only did it a few days a week. I felt self-conscious in my swimsuit and I was about to move to where I would be across the street from the beach! I wanted to work out daily, I was ready.

So, I tried out an online subscription service to get my beach body on. The name was fitting. I am not a fan of MLM programs or services, but the subscription offered me a number of different workout programs, and yes, I’ve tried many of them now. I found a way to feel better inside and out.

I haven’t lost weight in months, probably because I do love to eat well, but my body continues to change shape and my clothes continue to fit better. I think this habit is here to stay.

I’m happy to be healthy. I’m motivated to stay this way. I feel good about me.

Photo taken at: Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

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