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Martens Family Thanksgiving in Georgia


What an amazing weekend!

Ethan, Taj and I flew on the two busiest travel days of the year to go to and from Georgia. They must have ramped up for the holidays because it was a very uneventful flight each way. And how nice to fly for a weekend and it only be an hour and half flight each way, definitely not something we could do when we lived on an island.

Cooking together with my mom was perfect. She had everything provisioned and ready so when I arrived, we spent Thursday just getting the meal together for our party of 13. Only thing I wish I had was pictures of how perfect it was. My favorite part was Nonny and Taj coloring the placecards.

We did get a chance to take a couple of perfect family photos (sans Leah and Casey).

My favorite is this one:

Martens family photo 2014

Friday we did exactly what we were supposed to. Nothing. Well, besides eat leftovers and playing ball in the cul-de-sac, the alternative Black Friday for this family.

On Saturday, the Martens family took a road trip to Bishop ,GA to visit The Martins, great friends Mark and Shannon. Shannon’s family from Michigan were visiting and Ethan hadn’t seen them in years. Taj got to meet new friends his age and explore the outdoors.

Mark and Shannon have built a beautiful farm and its been amazing to watch the transformation over the past few years, each time we visit. It was also great to get our families together and spend some time with my step brothers Michael and Jamie (and Michael’s fiance Tito).

About The Farm:

Classic City Clydesdales currently has 45 Clydesdale horses, a donkey, a herd of Highland Cattle, pigs, rabbits, chickens, Guinea hens, turkeys and I’m sure I’m missing some other animals. The new barn is gorgeous, the grazing fields are magical, the back pond is serene. Did I mention it’s peaceful for the soul to visit this place?

Here are a few pictures from our adventures. Too bad my phone died midway through the day and again, no pic of Shannon and I together. Next time, I promise.

Michael, Tito and Jamie.


Driving with Uncle Mark.
Taj driving with Mark.


Farm tour.
Looking for fish in the back pond.


Highland cattle.
Highland Cattle grazing. There are three new calves.


Taj horseback riding
Taj riding Casey. I think Casey is the only non-Clyde at The Farm.


Cowboy Taj
Do cowboys ride cows? Taj does!


4 wheeling
Taj got to ride a four wheeler (not by himself of course).



We finished out our weekend with brunch at Nonny’s place. “Lots of bacon,” said Taj. And the two of them got along famously. What a great weekend!

Nonny Taj love.

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