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We found a vintage playground

This year was our first real tree together as a family. We never got a real tree in St. Croix. It just didn’t feel right to pick a tree out of a refrigerated trailer that was shipped from the US and we knew of a dozen stories of them loosing needles immediately, etc. So, this year, our first real winter Christmas, we decided we wanted to cut down a tree. So, we did a little research and found Larson’s Family Farm in Yorkville. Although the trees were a little smaller than what we wanted the experience was exactly what we were looking for.

The best part of our tree cutting trip was the playground of Ethan and my era there. The old-fashioned see saws, springy horses and the push merry-go-round that could definitely decapitate you if used incorrectly. It was great fun to play with Taj on these. Being the little daredevil that he is, I now understand why they don’t have them around at all town parks these days.


springy playground horse

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