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Uncommon Mama

Yes, I’m that girl. I’ve got my Macbook open at our campsite on the Mirror Lake State Park picnic table making a definite decision for the Uncommon Mama to finally come out.

And the guy that drove by and mocked me publicly for having my computer open, I tell you sir, “I am Uncommon, I don’t care what you think!”

The Uncommon Mama was hiding for the past year hiding, stifled in trying to set up shop on the mainland and overly busy being busy; she was however secretly planning her escape from the common life of suburban Midwest mom; the life that keeps home, husband, child, work, gym, yoga, grocery shopping, after-school activities, visitors, visits out of state, ahhhhhhhh.

I like to consider myself an UncommonMama. You probably are too. In all of us is a desire to break out of the normal and do something challenging, daring or a little less common, something that chose us or something we choose.

And we all do, we all have a sense of the uncommon and this site serves to see how little things like “car cramping” in a Wisconsin State Park or living in the Caribbean for eight years or still being able to speak a little Samoan make me feel a little less common.

There are other people in my life that make me know that “uncommon” is a goal and isn’t weird or totally irresponsible. It’s something we discuss together to help keep in check and make sure we aren’t being irrational or naïve. We all share friendship yet our experiences and expertise vary tremendously. In essence, we keep each other sane together.

They too will share their experiences of the uncommon kind from return Peace Corps volunteer stories, unique or uncommon relationships, stories of overcoming situations or amazing change, graphic details of parenthood and so much more.

My thought is that there is a lot of world out there to explore and we need to experience as much of it as is humanly possible. We can’t live in the routine of ordinary; we need to feel a sense of uncommon.
But, for now, I’m grounded again.

And I just want to write. I write a lot of content for work and I want a chance to talk in my voice. So here goes.

We’re camping now, here’s how we put together our in 3 days. Read Mirror Lake blog post.

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